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E-Nable prosthesis


Individual project, as part of a study semester in the Netherlands.

Developement of a new prosthesis model for the association E-Nable who 3D print prosthetic hands to children without fingers or hand. They offers an open source community that connects families in need of a prosthesis with volunteers who can 3D print and assemble  a custom prosthesis for the child.

The dutch branch of the association wanted new specific models to allow these children to practice certain activities more easily. I chose to work on a prosthesis made to use a computer.

The concept

Since a regular computer mouse requires finger movements that are not accessible to these children, I reconsidered the movements associated with the main functions to navigate on a computer: right click, left click, and scroll.

Since every volunteer must be able to make the model at low cost, I had to think of simple concept. The idea is to take the electronic parts of any cheap computer mouse and mount them in the prosthesis.

The child can keep the same cuff used for his normal prosthetic hand and replace it with the computer mouse one when needed.

This projet needed a lot of prototyping and testing. It made me progress a lot in my 3D printing and electronic welding skills

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