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Zwolle Map

One-week project as part of a study semester in the Netherlands.

Group project of 3 students (French - Dutch - Polish)

​​The brief: create a multi-cultural tourist object

Inspired by our travel experiences, we came up with an interactive map that helps you discover the city and saves places you visited.

The concept

The map of the city to be explored can be folded into a pocket or slipped into your wallet. Thanks to a phone or a tablet, this map becomes animated in augmented reality, and displays the different places and monuments to visit in the city, in the form of 3D animations.

When a place is visited, the map is updated and the animation gets colored. This allows the visitor to keep a record of his visits when he returns home: it is a souvenir to be kept, to be looked at again and to be shown to friends in order to recall their trip and their cultural visits.

Graphic identity

In graphic terms, we wanted to combine the traditional colors and patterns of tableware from our respective countries: France, the Netherlands and Poland.

AR ipad 2.png

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