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Morgane Givelet

French Industrial Designer junior, graduate of l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, I am looking for an job in product design.

I like to question myself on future usages, ergonomics, resilience and eco-design. Teamwork, being as close as possible to users and prototyping are for me essential elements in the design of innovative products and services.

In the close future, I want to add a more sustainable approach to my work, therefore I am looking for companies that care about environmental issues and sustainable design.


Dessin & sketch

Sketching, both traditional and digital, is for me a quick and efficient tool for reflexion and communication.  This is always my first step to start a project, it allows me to lay down my ideas on paper and start my brainstorming.

3D modeling & rendering

3D modeling helps to define the technical aspect of a product and to plan the manufacturing process. I often combine 3D renderings with photography, drawing and photobashing to produce informative and compelling visuals.

Prototyping & model making

I use modeling and prototyping to test and define the shape of each product. I believe that practical innovations are created by checking the use and ergonomics of a product over and over.

I know how to create realistic and functional models as well as prototypes of digital interfaces, without forgetting about material testing and research which are also important.

Teamwork & workshops

I enjoy working with multidisciplinary, or even multi-cultural teams. These are often collaborations that lead to meaningful exchanges and projects.

I know how to conduct workshops sessions with clients or target users, to gather their opinions and gain a better understanding of their needs.

Design methods

I know and use different working methods such as design thinking, collaborative design and systemic approach; as well as research tools such as field research, field observation and user journey.

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